Donate a car

By selecting the Northeast Kidney Foundation as your car donation charity, you are helping those throughout the northeast that are living with or at risk of kidney disease, and helping the tens of thousands of individuals waiting for a life saving transplant simply by donating a car. Best of all, funds generated from your car donation stay in your community.

Donating a car with us is fast and easy – a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes and you are well on your way to driving out kidney disease in your community.  Donating your car, truck or boat to the Northeast Kidney Foundation is also a sound investment – 100% of the proceeds from this car donation program is channeled back into the local community to help those most in need.  Thank you for helping us to make a difference!

How your car donation helps

Kidney Wheels - TV commercial 
Supporting the Northeast Kidney Foundation through the Kidney Wheels car donation program helps those in Albany, NY and 13 other counties in the Upstate New York region affected by kidney disease and organ donation.  Proceeds from this program are utilized for community based programs of prevention, education and support, including:

  • Patient education, assistance, and support
  • Free kidney screenings held throughout the northeast, designed to educate the public about risk factors and identify people in early stages of kidney disease, when it's most treatable
  • School based programs that teach kids early on the importance of healthy lifestyle choises for lifelong kidney health
  • Local research, providing important funding for clinical and academic researchers to advance kidney care in the local community
  • Clinical education so we can keep our healthcare professionals on top of the latest standards in kidney and transplant care
  • Corporate wellness programs, designed to assist employers in keeping their workforce healthy and productive
  • Advocacy programs so that we can help our elected officials make informed decisions about healthcare
  • Community education about organ donation and programs designed to increase the number of organ donors
  • So much more!

You can also be secure in the knowledge that your car donation is having an impact, right where you live, benefiting those in the community affected by kidney disease and organ donation.  Our car donation program keeps funds in your local community. The Northeast Kidney Foundation's home office is in Albany, New York State's capital city.  In addition, our program can service all of 
New York, Massachusetts and Vermont, ensuring that your car donation dollars go where you want them - to your local community.

26 Million Americans
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